Trimble Ag Software Announces Improved UAV Import Capabilities with SlantRange


SV Data in TAS Across Devices

Wouldn't it be nice to have all your farm management data in one place?

Trimble recently announced the ability to import SlantRange data directly into their world class farm management platform, Trimble Ag Software. This integration allows you to view aerial imaging analytics from SlantRange alongside all of your other farm data to gain new insights, streamline your operations, and improve your bottom line.

At SlantRange, we seek to provide the most accurate and high-value agronomic data and make it quickly and easily available in any format to support your business. This integration with Trimble Ag Software provides yet another solution to meet this goal.

The blog post below originally appeared on the Trimble Ag Blog and provides additional details.

Drone imagery is becoming an important part of any successful precision management strategy.

That’s why the Trimble Ag Software engineering team is working with drone imagery providers to make it easier for farmers to import and view these valuable maps alongside their other farm data.

Case in point: Our engineering team worked with SlantRange, an aerial imagery and analytics company, to help integrate their agronomic information layers into Trimble Ag Software. Our integration with SlantRange is a manual, yet simple, import that will accurately display the legends and data layers from SlantRange systems.

You can read the full Trimble Ag Blog post here.