Stop Downloading Hundreds of Spreadsheets With SlantRange APIs

SlantRange’s API functionality makes it easy to move and distribute data across platforms. 

Custom integrations connect the Aerial Phenotyping platform to your existing technology stack — eliminating the need to download every data set only to upload in another platform. 

As a result, you can trust that your results are available where and when you need them — freeing up time to analyze data instead of wrangling it.

Whether you’re looking to use custom algorithms, share with others, or archive your data, SlantRange makes moving information an automated, seamless process.   

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Save Time, Eliminate Errors



Downloading a spreadsheet of results for one dataset at a single location takes around 10-15 seconds (yes, we timed it!). For a seed producer running trials at 132 locations, that adds up to about 25 minutes.

Of course, the 25 minutes it takes to download spreadsheets is only about half of the equation. You’ll still need to take each of those 132 spreadsheets and upload them elsewhere. Depending on your company’s workflow, you may also need to rename them. 

And you’ll need to repeat this process every single time you collect data. Most of the researchers we work with collect data at least twice per season -- which adds up to at least two hours spent wrangling hundreds of spreadsheets. 

The tedious, manual processes to move this data between platforms also increases the possibility of errors, especially when dealing with large volumes.

Minor errors and rushed analysis increase the possibility of making impactful decisions based on incorrect information.

Automated integrations streamline the process and remove possibilities to impart errors. An API connects the Aerial Phenotyping platform to your existing technology, so results flow seamlessly for further analysis, sharing with stakeholders, or simply archiving.

We integrate with proprietary systems, in addition to common third-party platforms, such as Climate FieldView. Once connected, your results will flow seamlessly through your workflow — no spreadsheets required. 

In addition to exporting data, we can use an API to integrate our system with yours to import planter data, plot patterns, or other critical information for more robust results.

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Learn More About Available Integrations

If you’d like to get started implementing an API for your organization, reach out to your SlantRange representative. They will provide a snippet of code you can add to your internal platforms to access your Aerial Phenotyping data, along with instructions for implementation.

To learn more about the SlantRange Aerial Phenotyping platform and how it can benefit your organization, download our product guide by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. If you’d like to discuss your technology needs and explore integration with your existing technology, don’t hesitate to contact us here