Announcing the All-New SlantRange 3PX Sensor, Developed in Partnership With DJI

Separate configurations of the drone and sensor have long been one of the biggest frustrations in plant mapping. Our latest sensor, developed in partnership with DJI, is here to change that.

Our 3PX multispectral imaging system brings all the sensing and analytics power of our 3p — but with new levels of aircraft integration for improved reliability and efficiency.

Integrating seamlessly with DJI Matrice 200 Series drones, the 3PX delivers our most advanced imaging and analytics solution for agriculture.  Full integration with DJI SKYPORT enables in-flight sensor data to be delivered directly to your flight controller.

Whether you’re using our SlantView analytics package, DroneDeploy, Pix4D, or your own analytics tool, 3PX image quality and accuracy form the foundation for valuable new agricultural data.

What Makes the 3PX Unique?

SlantRange systems provide valuable new crop insights only possible with low-altitude, high-resolution imagery — combined with efficient collection and processing workflows for lower operational costs.

Building on the sensing and analytics power of our 3p, our latest system offers new levels of reliability and efficiency, including:

  • Valuable new crop insights only possible with low-altitude, high-resolution imagery
  • Immediate on-site results – with no need for network connectivity
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements in changing sunlight conditions with patented on-board calibration
  • Efficient collection and processing workflows for lower operational costs — fly with only 20% overlap
  • Exportable data available wherever, whenever, and however you’d like

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How Does the 3PX Work?

From the second you connect the sensor, you’ll notice the power and efficiency.

The sensor mounts directly to the DJI gimbal mount with no need for mounting brackets. A fully integrated solution means the 3PX provides the same seamless integration you get from DJI’s own cameras — without the need for extra cables or batteries.

Once connected, the 3PX is automatically detected and configured through your flight control app. The 3PX is compatible with DroneDeploy and Flight Plan for DJI, allowing you to fully control your sensor directly from the app.

Seamless integration with DJI SKYPORT gives you access to real-time information directly from your flight planner, including status updates, sunlight measurements, image counts, memory card status, and more.

As you fly your mission, you’ll receive real-time updates and in-flight data directly from the app — so you’ll know you’re getting the data you need.

This real-time data link between the sensor and the hand controller also opens up a range of upgrade features that will be introduced in the coming months.

When you’ve finished collecting all of your data, remove the SD card, put it in your laptop, and power up SlantView analytics. Most data takes only 10-15 minutes to process, giving you exportable information wherever, whenever, and however you’d like.  

SlantView transforms the raw data from your sensor into actionable insights available in minutes from anywhere. Count plants, identify weeds, stress conditions, and access a whole host of products that you can only get from this type of high-resolution data.

Want to learn more about the 3PX? Let’s chat! Schedule a call with one of our experts here.